Jersey Girl


╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮
( Taco Bell? )
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯
╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮
( Taco Bell. )
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯

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Just in case you were wondering…

Yep, this is one more personal post and if you don’t want to read it I would recommend you to keep scrolling.

I am still close to Spiderman, he’s still one of my friends and we have absolutely no problem when we need to talk to each other.
The day before our graduation we got to spend a while together and he told me that he wasn’t thinking about asking her (the drunk girl that said she wanted to marry Spiderman) out. This obviously calmed me down and now there’s nothing to worry about. At least for now.
Now, here’s the thing.
Last thursday I was filming a short movie with friends from school. The main character was portrayed by a beautiful girl that I’d like to call Ariel.
In our class they all knew that Ariel had a thing for Spiderman. However, I’m not somebody who enjoys gossip and I didn’t realize it, so it was kind of a surprise when she came to me looking for advice about forgetting boys (you can deduce by my posts that I’ve had to do it quite a few times).
I don’t want to annoy you guys and, to be honest, I’m a bit pissed off tonight, so I’ll tell you the short version: Ariel told Spiderman by voice mail that she loved him and his reply was “fine”, and as you can imagine, she’s devastated.
I’m very disappointed and I’d like to talk to him about what happened, just in case I can make him say sorry. I also don’t want Spiderman to tell me to mind my own business, even though he’d be right.
Well. This is enough for today.
Sweet dreams, thanks for reading my blog entry.

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one of the worst moments in life is probably when you’re in a room full of people and you look around and see them all talking and laughing and all of sudden you feel so sad and lonely that you can even feel a physical pain in your chest because you realize that they all belong to someone and they all have someone who belongs to them and you don’t, you’re just kind of there


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Peeta practices his pole dancing moves

I’m literally dying in the car and my mom is silently judging me
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